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 +===== Change Password =====
 +To change the password you use to log into the control panel:
 + ​- ​ Select Password & Security from the control panel.
 +    - In the //Change Password// section, enter your current password in the //Old Password// text box.
 +    - Enter and confirm the new password in the appropriate text boxes. You can use the //Password Generator// button to create a strong password if you prefer. \\ \\ There is an indicator below the password boxes showing how strong the password is.  \\ {{:​email:​email_accounts:​password_strength.png?​nolink|}} \\ \\  ​
 +You must choose a password stronger than 65.  This is to help protect your account from hacking. A secure password contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbol and is not a dictionary word.
 +    - Click //Change your password now!//.
 +<WRAP 80% info>
 +When you change your password you will need to log in again.
 +{{tag>​cpanel control_panel login log_in password}}

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